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     International Fuel Oil Industry Development and Trade Fair organized by Beijing Petroleum Exchange was held successfully on May 31, 2013.

    The theme of the fair is “Chinese Demand, Based in Beijing as a Fulcrum, Facing the world”. Jointly organized by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) , Chemical Industry Federation and Beijing Petroleum Exchange, it brings together domestic fuel oil demanders , international oil giants and traders by giving full play to the advantage of BPEX’ fuel oil spot trading platform. It serves as a channel for the relevant sides to communicate and cooperate and as a platform to share information, thus promoting the process of going global of the Chinese fuel oil companies.

    Representatives from key international and domestic enterprises dealing in finance, fuel oil supply, trade and purchase as well as other relevant enterprises providing supply chain services for trades attend the Fair. In the Fair, we fully interpret our national industry policies and macroeconomic environment for the international fuel oil companies, and construct a communication platform for exchanges and interaction between international resources and domestic demands through cooperation discussion and intent signing sessions. Meanwhile, CNPC and Chemical Industry Federation also released Annual Fuel Oil Industry Report and fuel oil index.

Resource from Na Zhao, BPEX.