Mr. Zhang Fuzhi, Director of Commerce Commission of Fangshan District Visit BPEXHome

In the afternoon of October 29, 2013, Mr. Zhang Fuzhi, director of Commerce Commission of Fangshan District and his party visited BPEX’s office area located in financial street. Mr. Wu Ruchuan, chairman of the board of BPEX and Mr. Liu shaobin, deputy chairman of the board and president of BPEX received the party.

Mr. Liu shaobin gave a detailed report on BPEX’s operation background, innovation on trading mode, R&D of trading products, development of Beijing dangerous chemicals trading and supervision system and development plan to Mr. Director, who later recognized the achievements accomplished by BPEX since its establishment and expressed his support to various future works undertaken by the company. Mr. Director hopes BPEX to build on its achievements for better results and bigger contribution to the local economic development.