Terms of website services of Beijing Petroleum Exchange

1.      Confirmation and acceptance of terms of website services of Beijing Petroleum Exchange
    The ownership and operation right of all the website services of Beijing Petroleum Exchange website (or BPEX website) belong to Beijing Petroleum Exchange (referred to BPEX hereafter). BPEX provides website services in accordance with these terms and operation rules released from time to time. Moreover, users need to agree with all the content of the service terms and comply with the rules and points related to the services, which constitute a part of the service terms, before they use categorized services of BPEX. One will officially become a user of BPEX website after completing the registration process following full consent to all the service terms.

2.      Service instructions
    BPEX website only provides related website services to its users who need to be equipped with all the necessary devices such as PC, mobile phone, modem and other internet enabled devices, users are personally responsible for all the expenses including telephone fee, internet fee and mobile phone fee paid online that are related to the service.
    In light of the importance of the services provided by the BPEX, users shall agree to:
    A)Provide detailed and accurate personal information;
    B)Constantly update registered information to meet the requirement of timeliness, integrity and accuracy.

3.      Change, suspension and termination of the services
    In light of the special nature of the website services, BPEX has the authorization to change, suspend and terminate part or all of the website services without being responsible for the users or the third party.
    To ensure the normal operation of the website, BPEX will carry out inspection or maintenance of the internet service platform or other related devices on a regular or irregular basis, during which time BPEX will try its best to avoid service disruption. Should it happen, however, BPEX would bring back the service as soon as possible. BPEX will not be responsible for the service disruption within reasonable time period.
    If any of the following conditions happens, BPEX has the authorization to suspend or terminate internet services including paid internet service at any time without being responsible for any user or the third party:
    A)Information provided by the user is not accurate;
    B) Users violate related rules of service terms;
    C) Users have not paid related service fee as required by the rule when using paid internet services.

4.      Online registration
    When applying for the use of BPEX website services, users shall provide BEPX with accurate personal information which shall be updated in a timely fashion in the case of any change in it. The eligible users of BPEX will get a user name and password after successful registration. They will take full responsibility for all the activities and events carried out in the name of the user name.
    Users hereby agree to receive publicity and promotion or other related commercial information by email or other forms.
    BPEX has the authorization to analyze users’ date base and utilize it for commercial purposes on the precondition of not disclosing users’ private information.

5.      User name, password and safety
    Users shall take full responsibility for the safety of user name and password. They can change their password according to the hint anytime. User name and password cannot be transferred or lent to others. Any illegal use or safe leak found by users shall be notified to BPEX. BPEX is not responsible for illegal use of user name and password caused by hacker’s activities or user’s negligence.
    BPEX has the authorization to delete certain user name and to stop providing related website services to the user if his/her internet service account registered for free has not been used within 180 consecutive days after registration or if his/her account registered with a chargehas not been used within 180 consecutive days after expiration of the service subscribed by the user.

6. Users’ privacy system
    It is a basic policy for BPEX to respect and protect users’ personal information. BPEX will not disclose users’ registered information and non-public content saved by users in BPEX website without legitimate authorization, but the following conditions are excluded:
    A)When explicit authorization from the user is granted;
    B)When it is required by related laws and rules or related government departments;
    C)In order to protect social public interests;
    D)In order to protect the legal rights and interests of BPEX.     

7User’s management
    Users must comply with the following principles:
    (1)   Comply with related Chinese laws and regulations;
    (2)   Comply with the Internet service terms, related regulations, procedures and convention;
    (3)   It is not allowed to use the network service system for any illegal purpose;
    (4)   It is not allowed to transmit any illegal information that is disturbing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, vulgar and obscene and instigates others to perform illegal activities.
    (5)   It is not allowed to breach the patent right, copyright, trademark privileges, reputation rights and other legal rights and interests of any third party;
    (6)   It is not allowed to use the network service system to undertake any activity against BPEX interests;
    (7)   It is not allowed to disturb the network service;
    (8)   It is not allowed to enter other computer system without authorization.
    Users are personally responsible for their online activities. If a user fails to follow the terms above, BPEX has the authority to make independent judgment and cancel the user’s service account. If a user spreads any information that is reactionary, obscene or against Chinese national law, the record from BPEX system can be used as a proof of user’s law breach.
    For the information released by users, BPEX is not responsible for its deletion and failure of saving such information. BPEX has the authority to judge whether the use’s activities complies with the requirement by Chinese law and BPEX service terms, BPEX can suspend its service to the user when the user has breached related national law or service terms. By using BPEX network technology service to upload information onto the public access area on BPEX website, it is automatically believed that users have given worldwide permanent, irrevocable, free, non-exclusive and sub-license authorization and permission to BPEX that the latter can use, copy, revise, rearrange, publish, translate, spread, perform display and create derivatives from all or part of such information. Moreover, BPEX can also adapt such information into other forms of works, media, and technology.

8Ownership of network service content
    Services defined by BPEX are words, software, sound, pictures, videos, figures, advertisements and email content provided by BPEX, and all this information are protected by copyright, trademark and other property ownership law. Therefore, users can only use this information with authorization from BPEX or related rights-holders, users cannot personally copy, release, reprint, play, adapt, assemble such information or use it for any commercial purpose.

    BPEX has links linking to other websites that are not operated or controlled by BPEX. Therefore, BPEX bears no responsibility for them, users are personally responsible for their risks when they leave BPEX website and entering into other links, BPEX is not liable for their responsibility and liability.

    Users agree to take all the risks from using BPEX website services and take all the responsibilities for the consequences of such usage. BPEX has no liability and no guarantee for users. BPEX does not guarantee to meet all demands from users, or to guarantee that the network is constantly well-worked, BPEX does not guarantee the service will always be provided on a timely, safety and accurate basis. For network service interruptions caused by unpredictable or unavoidable reasons, BPEX is not liable for that, but will do its best to reduce the loss.

11Liability for damage
    Users have agreed to protect the interests of BPEX and other users, if the user breaches related laws or regulations and causes damage to BPEX or other third party, that user will be liable to the damage. BPEX is not responsible to the damage that is: from illegal network service, online purchasing, online trading, and illegal usage of network service or changes of information transmission.

12Change and reformulation of service terms
    The network service defined by BPEX is that: all the content provided by BPEX (e.g. words, software, sound, pictures, videos, figures, advertisements and email) are protected by law for their copyright, trademark and other property ownership. As a result, users can only use this information with BPEX’s authorization, users cannot personally copy, release, share, play, change, edit or undertake any other activities to use this information for commercial purpose.

13Applicable law
    The conclusion, execution and explanation of this service terms are controlled by Chinese law and managed by Chinese courts. The terms will change to comply with regulations when the current terms stands against related national law, but other divisions are still powerful at the mean time. If parties have dispute based on the terms, they shall solve the dispute friendly, when the problem cannot be solved peacefully, any party can sue another party at the local court where BPEX is located.

14Other rules
    The titles of this terms are made for convenience, which can be ignored when the terms is explained by BPEX.
    *When the English version of terms has any conflict with the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.